Labour Dispute

"H&M group is deeply concerned about the recent conflict and our business relationship with this factory, in Myanmar, is on hold at the moment."

Fashion Law Course: Lisbon

Fashion Law Course, Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 13 to 17 March with Lígia Carvalho Abreu, Francisco Pereira Coutinho, Luís Couto Gonçalves, Cláudia Trabuco, Ana Amorim, Joana Campos, Jorge Carvalho and Pedro Sousa e Silva.

Fashion Law Course: São Paulo

The Faculdade Santa Marcelina (FASM/São Paulo), recognized by its pioneering spirit, tradition and training of creative professionals and entrepreneurs, includes in its curriculum, a specialized course in Fashion Law.

New Fashion Law Book

Moda, Luxo e Direito about Fashion and Human Rights, Luxury Fashion and Business in Brazil, industrial designs in Brazil, Luxury trademarks, fashion and ethics and the impact of fast fashion.

Modeling Industry Exploitation

CNN Investigative Report Runway Injustice by Blake Ellis and Melanie Hicken about how the modeling industry exploits young and vulnerable workers.

From Creation to Counterfeiting

First International Conference about fashion law organised by the Faculty of Law of Catholic University (Porto), University of Francisco de Vitória (Madrid), João Fraga de Castro & Associados and Cortizo Abogados with Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada...

Fashion Conference Antwerp

Lígia Carvalho Abreu and Tania Phipps-Rufus will speak about ‘Fashioning an Alternative Approach to the Current Fashion System: A Legal Perspective’ at he 4th edition of the Non Western Fashion Conference about local fashion communities.

Child Labour

An undercover BBC investigation has found Syrian refugee children working in Turkish factories, making clothes for famous brands.

Modelling Agencies fined for colluding to fix prices

The French Competition Authority imposed heavy fines to thirty seven modelling agencies, and also to the Synam (modelling agencies’ French Union) for colluding to fix prices, so as to distort the basis for commercial negotiations.