Elijah Green: Human Interconnectivity, Art and Ethical Fashion 

Yuki Kawahisa and Heather Lang by Georgia Nerheim

The writer, director and designer Andrew Ondrejcak, in collaboration with Alba Clement, has joined forces with the International Trade Centre’s (ITC) Ethical Fashion Initiative to design the costumes for his upcoming play, ELIJAH GREEN, to be premiered at The Kitchen in New York City on 10 March 2016.

Inspired by the paintings of Pieter Bruegel and August Strindberg’s A Dream Play, ELIJAH GREEN follows a divine spirit as it wanders through contemporary life. Despite unremarkable existences, the stories of the characters layer into a portrait of the interconnectivity of all humans, with each individual both the centre of the world and part of something they cannot comprehend.

Andrew Ondrejcak travelled with ITC’s Ethical Fashion Initiative to Haiti, Burkina Faso and Mali to meet with artisans and source fabric, jewellery, art and items to create the costumes and the play’s set. In Burkina Faso, Andrew Ondrejcak discovered fabric handwoven by women weavers and in Mali he received a crash course in the art of bogolan by master artisan, Boubacar Doumbia. While in Haiti, Andrew Ondrejcak was able to meet with a wide variety of artisans to source latanier hats, papier-mâché accessories and tailor made metal drum pieces and many more. ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative also sourced traditional Kenyan Maasai jewellery and samples of Kenyan crafts.

For more information: http://thekitchen.org/event/andrew-ondrejcak-elijah-green