Fashion Law – WFMFR recommends:

Marcel Rochas: Designing French Glamour by Sophie Rochas, 2015, Rizzoli, New York


This is a fashion monograph about the work of the legendary French Couturier Marcel Rochas (1902-1955), written by his daughter Sophie Rochas. The book shows the legacy of Marcel Rochas to contemporary fashion design, for instance the wasp-waist silhouette, strong shoulder lines, strapless girdle which defined the female silhouette of the 40s and 50s, the Sirène gown or the Oiseau dress. It includes a rare access to the family’s private archives, portraits by the great fashion photographers and Rocha’s most significant women’s wear creations. This is a relevant fashion monograph to understand a part of the history of women’s wear and also a source of timeless inspiration.  


Global Legal Guide for Luxury & Fashion Companies by Baker & McKenzie, 2015 

The prestigious law firm Baker & McKenzie has recently published a legal guide for luxury and fashion companies about some of the most relevant fashion law themes such as: identifying, registering, enforcing and monetizing intellectual property assets; elements of enforcement for infringement in the online/offline landscapes; tax issues for the luxury and fashion industry;   M&A corporate finance in the luxury and fashion industry; anti-bribery and other compliance issues and risk remediation for the luxury and fashion industry; negotiating and securing retail lease space; resolving disputes in the Courts of key territories of the luxury brand and fashion industry; employment concerns; international trade and customs issues for the luxury and fashion industry or completion and antitrust issues. With contributions from more than 225 experienced lawyers and economists across the firm’s global practices, this legal guide is available for download at:


Fashion Law, A Guide for Designers, Fashion Executives & Attorneys, edited by Guillermo C. Jimenez and Barbara Kolsun, 2014, Bloomsbury, New York        

Fashion Law is an indispensable legal guide for designers, fashion executives, attorneys and law students who wish to deepen the following fashion law themes: trademarks and trade dress, copyright, counterfeiting, design patents, utility patents, trade secrets applied to fashion; brand protection legislation; litigation strategies in fashion law; fashion licensing; fashion finance; employment law issues in fashion; commercial agreements in fashion; endorsement and promotion agreements for fashion models and celebrities and retail leasing for fashion. The book is edited by law professors Guillermo C. Jimenez and Barbara Kolsun and it also has the contributions of Marc P. Misthal, Charles Colman, George Gottlieb, Joseph Murphy, Julie Zerbo, David H. Bernstein, Karen Artz, Heather J. McDonald, Henry Welt, Valerie Radwaner, Raphael Russo, Donald L. Kreindler, Elise M. Bloom, Lee Sporn, Ted Max, Ashima Dayal, Brooke Erdos Singer, Antonio Borrelli, Matthew E. Epstein, Frances P. Hadfield, Michael F. Colosi, Connie Carnabuci, Victoria White and Amanda M. Simpson.