SOURCE Expo is an innovative online event showcasing some of the world's leading sustainable fashion suppliers and manufacturers. Now in its 7th year, SOURCE Expo connects hundreds of fashion professionals around the world. 

The event happens entirely ONLINE, so you can take part from anywhere, with only your computer. Come and discover new materials or producers to make your next collection. It's free for visitors.

The Event runs from 4 to 5 November. 

Event Showcasing:

  • Suppliers of silk and luxury fabrics and fibres as well as embroidery and embellishment services 
  • Sustainable cotton and fibre innovation in both eco-synthetics and natural fibres
  • Sustainable producers of woollen and other heavyweight fibres and fabrics.
  • Textile designers who create fabrics and patterns for wovens and knits, as well as screen and digital printers.
  • Sourcing platforms offering a wide range of sustainable fabrics to haberdashery.
  • Suppliers of sustainable components and manufactures of accessories and jewellery.
  • Practical tools that can help to build a more sustainable supply chain
  • Exemplary manufacturers specialising in highly skilled, high end production for luxury fashion
  • Sustainable suppliers and manufacturers that offer fabrics and garment production from medium to large sale quantities
  • Producers that cater low minimum order quantity orders of expertly crafted fashion products.
  • Organisations that offer full service product support and provide you with assistance at any stage of the sourcing process
  • Consultants and experts that specialise in one-on-one business support.

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