Photo: Tory Burch

Tory Burch is a well-known fashion brand founded and directed by American fashion designer Tory Burch. Lin & J International Inc. is a high quality fashion accessory importing company for fashion wholesalers and volume purchasers.

In 2013, Tory Burch filed a complaint against Lin & J International Inc, accusing this fashion accessory company of counterfeiting and trademark infringement. In turn, Lin & J International claimed that their jewellery products were original designs and inspired by the Coptic Cross, an early Christian symbol: Case 1:13-cv-03669-DLC, United States District Court Southern District of New York:

After two years of legal dispute, on July 10/2015, the United States District Court Southern District of New York, considered that Lin & J International Inc. infringed Tory Burch’s double- T logo. The company was condemned to pay, to Tory Burch, $38.9 million in damages, in addition to attorneys' fees of $2.3 million.