Zady is an online platform for sustainable fashion, founded by Soraya Darabi and Maxine Bébat, in which the consumer can find women, men and children’s clothes, accessories, home décor and other products with detailed information about their origin: the people, the process of production and the raw materials behind each product and brand. 

Zady celebrates “The people who turn a natural product into beautiful clothing by making transparency the new normal” and “showing the industry that great design does not have to come at the cost of mistreated workers.”

This transparent way of business is both essential to captivate the consumers trust and help them to make informed and sustainable choices.

Soraya Darabi and Maxine Bébat work directly with farmers, washers, spinners, knitters so as to create a product that tackles each issue of the supply chain.

For their Essentials Collection instead of fabricating a “trend” the clothes are designed with the living lifestyle in mind:

“This means we’re focused on what we create and every last detail of design. With these designs, we then create the best material the world has to offer, working through the supply chain starting right from the beginning, at the farm (…) The end result is a product designed and constructed to delight not just for one season, but for years to come. Through this timeless approach we’re working to make getting dressed a pleasure while cutting down on the over production of thoughtless design. So fewer products end up in our landfills and more of it ends up where it should be – on us”

Here are some highlights of this timeless approach to fashion that you can find at Zady:  (Photos: Gerald & Stewart, OGAMI, Winter Water Factory and Elin Nude Swedish Stocking at Zady)

Wool - Lined Peacoat The Navy Peacoat       

The peacoat was first worn by European sailors, and the style later came to the US Navy, with references in the American press as early as the 1720s. This modern and softer version of the Navy Peacoat is made by Gerald & Stewart, a family company founded in 1941. The wool comes from a Canadian mill and its production is entirely done in the Everett, Massachusetts.   

Stein Stone Notebook

Stein Stone Notebook by OGAMI which features an innovative, revolutionary paper made of crushed stones that is tree-free, waterproof, and won’t give you a paper cut. This Repap (“paper” backwards) is made up of 80% calcium carbonate (CaCO) from limestone recovered from caves and used in the construction industry and 20% comes from nontoxic resins high-intensity polyethylene. It does not contain chlorine or acids. The process of production does not use water or emit toxic agents into the air. The company is based in Milan and makes all of its notebooks on site.  

Organic Rompers

Organic Outer Space and High Seas Navy Rompers by Winter Water Factory is made of 100% American organic cotton, free of pesticides. Founded in 2003 by Stefanie Lynen and Todd Lynen,   this children’s apparel company is based in Brooklyn, New York, it manufactures and designs in the US from fabric to final stitch. Their mission is “To show that a company can be successful with American-made products and sustainable manufacturing – and give people good jobs and great products along the way.” 


The Essentials Collection

Zady’s Charcoal Lightweght Alpaca 0.6 is a sweater made from the wool of Alpacas raised in their natural habitat in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Soft as cashmere without pilling, as warm as sheep’s wool without the bulk, hypo-allergenic, and one of the strongest fibres. This super fibre is then sorted, washed, combed and spun in nearby Arequipa, Peru, where 80% of the facilities’ energy needs is provided by solar panels. No chemical dye is used on this product.

Wool Coat 0.8 is made from the wool from Pendelton Mills, a sixth generation family-owned company based in Washougal. The coat and pockets are fully lined with silky soft tencel which is a durable, breathable fabric made in a closed-loop.  No waste process. The shoulder pads are made from organic cotton and hemp.

Elin Nude Swedish Stockings

Elin Nude Swedish Stockings, founded by Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg, are made from melted nylon, in order to last longer and to be less environmentally harmful. By using recycled nylon yarn they give a new life to the pre-existing material. The recycle nylon yarn is constructed in Italy where a large part of their production is driven by solar cells and the water used for dyeing the yarn is purified and goes back into the agricultural landscape. By using recycled yarn made from melted nylon, Swedish Stockings are made to last longer and are less environmentally harmful. 

With a strong commitment towards sustainable development Zady has launched a call to action:

‘We believe that the fashion industry has the power to change its current practices and by doing so can directly address climate change.’ 

To sign the declaration: