Fueguia 1833 is an Argentinian enterprise, which was founded in 2010 by Julian Bedel and Amalia Amoedo and is leaving its innovative and sustainable imprint on the world of luxury perfumes. The name of the brand symbolises the meeting, in 1833 between Captain Robert Fitz Roy, Charles Darwin and Fueguia Basket, a native girl from Tierra del Fuego: a meeting between Europe and South America and a return to the native land.    

Fueguia 1833 has its own laboratory to create the scents from Patagonia and other places (Paraguay, Taiwan, Amazonia, Misiones, Via Lactea ...) or things (Darwin’s cabin, a cabin in Kaluga, a Jorge Luis Borges’ poem cts…) that fit in Julian Bedel’s imagination.

Bedel is a pioneer in the world of scents. He leads expeditions to discover the aromatic and medical plants that will be used for the first time as perfume ingredients. He meets with researchers of local universities, partner producers and communities who cultivate, under sustainable projects, the selected crops which will provide the feedstock of fueguia’s unconventional scents. He is the expert alchemist of a fusion between nature and poetry so as to pay tribute to his ancestors who were writers and naturalists (Louis Bedel, Henry D’Orbigny, Maurice Bedel, René Bedel and Filiberto Oliveira Cézar).    

Known for its highest regard for detail and craftsmanship, the brand has also a social and sustainable policy. For instance, it supports the work of Help Argentina (http://www.helpargentina.org/) and Fundacion Cruzada Patagonica (http://www.cruzadapatagonica.org). The perfumes’ glass containers are 100% recyclable. Trees are not cut to make the wooden boxes in which the perfumes are presented. They are made from fallen trees. Fueguia’s wax is 100% vegetable and free from toxic substances. The wicks are 100% cotton and contain no metals. They consume themselves without producing residue in hydrocarbon combustion.

Discover and respect nature! Feel beauty, do not reproduce the beauty of reality but create it only with feelings! – are the mottos of Fueguia 1833.

The Fashion Law- WFMFR team smelled several Fueguia perfumes and these are our top 5:  


1. Zonda (Destinos Collection)

Zonda. Photo: Fueguia 1833. Altiplano by Lígia Carvalho Abreu

Zonda, the hot dry wind is descending from the Andes to touch west-central Argentina, bringing with it the smell of pink pepper which grows 6000 meters high in the Andean mountain range blended with cedar and lignum vitae. A great souvenir for those who have fond memories of this landscape. It is an uncommon wood and herbal perfume from the Destinos Collection which aims to be Julian Bedel’s interpretation of the “mesmerising enchantment produced by the intricate native landscapes”. It is perfect for both men and women and can be used in all seasons. Good longevity. 


2. Acacia (Personajes Collection)

Acacia Perfume: Photo by Fueguia 1833. Mimosa. Photo by Lígia Carvalho Abreu

Acacia is a soft and feminine mimosa perfume with Iris and Acacia Caven notes. It is the perfect minimalist scent for spring time. It has very good longevity. The perfume is the expression of tender feelings, a recreation of the shelter of innocence. 


3. El Otro Tigre (Jorge Luis Borges and Friends Collection)

El Otro Tigre. Photo: Fueguia 1833

…and it will cross the wilderness of distance

and sniff out the woven labyrinth of smells

the smell peculiar to morning and the scent on

the air  of deer, delectable (El Otro Tigre, Jorge Luis Borges, El Hacedor, 1960) 

In his poem El Otro Tigre, Jorge Luis Borges pursued and dreamt, in South America, of the tiger of the Ganges’ Banks. This symbolic tiger lives in a Fueguia’s liquid composition of tuberose, musk and ambrette. It is an uncommon scent, not for all tastes. To Love or Not to Love it? Nobody is indifferent to El Otro Tigre. Julian Bedel is an explorer of scents and our senses. He imagines the embrace between the Delta del Tigre and the Bengal tiger. This is one of the reasons why we consider him a great alchemist. El Otro Tigre is a fresh and strong perfume with good longevity. “Of all the scents the scent of dawn” (El Otro Tigre, Jorge Luis Borges).


4. Agua Magnoliana (Linneo Collection)

Agua Magnoliana. Photo: Fueguia 1833. Magnolia Photo by Lígia Carvalho Abreu

From the moment you open a bottle of Agua Magnoliana, from the Linneo Collection, you feel the smell of Amazon Magnolia and Jasmine and you think this is a feminine, spring day fragrance. However, this floral perfume has base notes of sandalwood which gives it a masculine touch and in some types of environment and temperature the sandalwood stands out. It represents a masculine feeling within the middle of the delicate scents of exotic flowers. The perfect perfume to pay tribute to a botanist, physician, zoologist and poet Carl Linnaeus that can be used by both women and men who like a sweet floral perfume with a woody note. It has medium longevity.    


5. Beagle (Destinos Collection)

Beagle. Photo: Fueguia 1833. Charles Darwin’s Logbook of the travel in the H.M.S Beagle. Nora Barlow, Cambridge University Press, 1933. Photo by Lígia Carvalho Abreu 

Gunpowder, rum and oak recreate the “sweet masculine fragrance of mahogany and copper found on the HMS Beagle”[i] the famous ship where Charles Darwin travelled with Captain Robert Fitz Roy to South America. Sweet, strong, dry, smoky are some of adjectives to describe this surprising Beagle Perfume. It is perfect for both spring and fall, day and night. It has good longevity.    


[i] Fueguia 1833 Catalogue 2015.