Interview with Dino Alves

According to Dino Alves, fashion creation is an expression of mentalities and behaviours, a craft of art and freedom. In addition to his main brand, Dino Alves is also the author of sustainable fashion projects.

Fashion and the Rights of Indigenous and Local Communities

Osklen with the Asháninka, Auá with the Ye’kwana and Maxakali and Alexandra Moura with the Maçainhas community are some of the fashion design experiences concerning the protection of the rights of the indigenous people and local communities.

The Creative Resistance of Susana Bettencourt

Remembering the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution and the need to equality in the contemporary world. (article in Portuguese language)

Interview with Ana Segurado

Ana Segurado is a Portuguese designer who believes that cruelty-free, emotional language and slow future should be underlying concepts of fashion. In this interview she speaks about the joy and the difficulties of building a sustainable brand.

The Silent Revolution of TM Collection

Clothes made with natural elements and made by the hands of people from simple and serenity cultures from India and Nepal, with the respect of the rights and talent of these workers can give us a feeling of peace.

The Zero Waste policy of Storytailors

Storytailors wed art to handicrafts and technology to create geometric cuts or genderless shapes. Elements of previous collection are not lost but transformed. This renaissance of modernity is based on a zero waste policy.