Cartier Creation Studio, S.A. against Lugano Diamonds & Jewelry Inc.

Cartier, the famous jewellery and luxury watch company, is suing Lugano Diamonds, also a well-known fine jewellery company and diamond manufacturer.  

Cartier alleges copyright infringement related to its original Parrot Necklace.


This fine jewel consists of a parrot featuring diamonds as feathers, an emerald as the eye, and blue or green colored beads finished with a contrasting pearl end – stone as plumage. This creation is protected by copyright (U.S copyright Registration Number VA 1 -948-843).

In addition, Cartier alleges design-patent infringement related to its famous creations Panthère ring and Panthère earrings.


Photos: Cartier

Those creations feature a diamond panther head, jeweled eyes and protruding oval shaped ears. The ornamental features of the Panthère ring and Panthère earrings are protected under design patent (U.S. design patent number D680, 0245, issued April 16, 2013).

According to Cartier, Lugano Diamonds have manufactured, advertised, offered for sale, sold, distributed, imported, and/or exported jewelry pieces that are substantially similar to Cartier’s copyrighted Parrot Necklace and patented Panthère Design.

For more information about this case:

Cartier Creation Studio v. Lugano Diamonds, 8-15-CV-00838 (C.D. Cal.) (Complaint, filed May 28, 2015, for alleged copyright and design-patent infringement):