Edie Parker, a brand founded by designer Brett Heyman and known for its vintage-inspired clutches and handbags, has filed a lawsuit against Milly by Michelle, a brand created by designer Michelle Smith. Edie Parker’s complaint stated that the “Defendant [Milly] is also a seller of ladies’ handbags, among other products. But rather than create and market its own designs, it sells handbags that parasitically copy Edie Parker’s protected handbag trade dress design.” By acknowledging this, the plaintiff (Edie Parker) accuses the defendant of selling and offering for sale “handbags that reproduce copy and imitate the Edie Parker Box Clutch Trade Dress in a manner that is confusingly similar to the distinctive trade dress of Edie Parker.”

Jean Striped by Edie Parker

 Milly Marble Box


In addition, the plaintiff claims that “Edie Parker handbags are individually designed and made in the United States from the highest quality materials by skilled American craftsmen. In contrast, the handbags sold and offered for sale by Defendant are of inferior quality to genuine Edie Parker handbags and are produced in China, displaying inferior workmanship and inexpensive materials. The association of such products with Edie Parker tarnishes the Edie Parker brand and harms its reputation for fine quality products” as well as “caused actual confusion among fashion conscious consumers.” The plaintiff is asking the court to order Milly to discontinue the marketing and selling of its bags, including compensation for any statutory and punitive damages, interest or other fees.             

Court Case: https://dockets.justia.com/docket/new-york/nysdce/1:2016cv07339/462945