About the Event: Fashion Tales ModaCult, Feeding the Imaginary 18 - 20 June 2015, Milan

Since its beginnings in the middle of the 19th century, fashion has been narrated through multiple media, both visual and verbal, and for different purposes such as marketing and advertising, art, costume history, social research and cultural dissemination. Since then, fashion has represented an important piece of material culture in modern industrial urban societies and in postcolonial and non-western contexts: artefacts that embody workmanship, tastes, lifestyles as well as the costume and art traditions of different countries.

Today, the discourses and the products of material culture developed in the field of fashion are ever more concerned with the issue of sustainability. This issue is seen not just in terms of ecological and ethical practices of production and consumption, as already well established in fashion studies, but also by revealing how fashion is able to create a virtuous circle between the aesthetic innovation of collections and the psycho-physical wellness of the person. The sustainable imaginary of fashion is one which promotes multiple models of beauty, which originates from fashion’s own encounter with other visual cultures worldwide and its dialogue with a variety of fields and disciplines. These can act as a tool to build new social images of bodies, of their health and wellness, new models for actions and practices and for the nurturing of diversity.
Since fashion is a system of material production and consumption, and a system of signs, it involves differently skilled people. Their purposes, however, have often been divergent and too rarely overlapping. Media professionals, communication and marketing consultants, scholars, curators and other actors of the field of fashion develop their own discourses and expertise, but often with little cross over between them. Indeed, comparing and sharing experiences,
concepts and methodologies can be difficult. When these grow out of different national or regional traditions the dialogue can become even more challenging.

The conference Fashion Tales 2015 aims to address this challenge. It hopes to be a platform that facilitates encounters between, skills, knowledge, disciplines and cultures the better to nurture and develop the many products and practices of fashion across which one’s gaze and thought can navigate; those art exhibitions, catwalks, photo books, movies, magazines, ads, blogs, scientific essays and interviews which feed the fashion imaginary.


For more information about the event: http://convegni.unicatt.it/meetings_5303.html