Leather workers from some of Louis Vuitton’s ateliers in France staged a strike to demand wage increases. Union representatives from Force Ouvrière and the Confédération Française Démocratique du Travail told Agence France-Presse that "the workers were staging the protest after a wage increase offer from Louis Vuitton management failed to meet expectations. The company had offered a  raise of 30 euros a month, or about $31.95, for every employee, union representatives said — far lower than the €55 workers requested. Managers had also offered raises of an additional €10 to €20 a month for 80 percent of workers." The company and the workers agreed to prolong negotiations.

For more information about this case: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/06/fashion/louis-vuitton-strike-france.html and http://fr.fashionnetwork.com/news/Louis-Vuitton-rare-debrayage-dans-les-ateliers-pour-des-hausses-de-salaires,813569.html#.WOpzlNIrLIW