From 12 to 16 May, Florence will open its doors to the world, displaying some of its most important architectural and artistic treasures during an important cultural event organised by the international fashion institute, Polimoda: ‘MOMENTING THE MEMENTO’ – the 2015 IFFTI Conference.

The annual conference; part of the of the IFFTI network (International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes), is an international project that every year unites over 46 advanced training institutes specialising in fashion, and art & design, bringing together important universities, companies, and representatives from all over the world.

In this 17th edition of the annual conference, to be held in the heart of the Renaissance, Polimoda will create a “moment” that aims to reactivate and stimulate the city of Florence, by remembering its history and focusing on its inspirations through debates, performances and installations involving the participation of “visionaries”, including international artists, experts and opinion leaders from the worlds of art, fashion and culture.

"Momenting the memento means to give life to archi[textures], new memories of habitus meeting the habitat, instead of archiving and celebrating the previous ones. Quit recycling the past and start up-cycling the future. So, let’s take fashion out from its reliquaries, let its Renaissance shine again out of the current multi-clustered, conflictual [but also convergent] spirit of time. Let education be writing instead of only be reading. Let the statues come out from the colourful postcards and walk like living human beings, let’s give Florence a Renai[chance] before the posthuman is reduced to the postman, and our so modernisms become obsolete wasms. " Momenting the Memento by Danilo Venturi

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