Portugal Fashion is a project for the promotion of Portuguese fashion designers and brands at a national and international level. It is organised by ANJE, the Portuguese National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, in partnership with the ATP – The Portuguese Association of Textile and Apparel. The first edition of Portugal Fashion was in July 1995 in Oporto. Since then, Portugal Fashion has been one of the major fashion events in Portugal. At an international level Portugal Fashion organises the participation of Portuguese designers at Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Barcelona Fashion Week, London Fashion week among others. 

The 37th edition of Portugal Fashion will take place in Lisbon on 21st October and in Oporto from 22nd to 24th October. It will be an occasion to see the Spring/Summer 2016 collections of the talented Portuguese designers. The programme is available at:  http://www.portugalfashion.com/images/download/PROGRAMA_PF37_CELEBRATION.pdf

Here is a quick glance of the 2015/2016 Fall Winter edition of Portugal Fashion: (Photos: Portugal Fashion)  

From left to right: Carlos Gil and Diogo Miranda


From left to right: Susana Bettencourt and Storytailors


From left to right: Pedro Pedro and Luís Onofre


From left to right: Luís Buchinho and Goldmud/Alexandra Moura  


From left to right: Alves/Gonçalves and Fátima Lopes