Left: Saint Laurent Rive Gauche1966/ Right: Rive Gauche Jewelry

Rive Gauche Jewelry[1] (RGJ), a company based in New York and specialised in  estate, antique, and fine jewellery, filed an opposition to Luxury Goods International (LGI), a company based in Switzerland that owns trademarks of Yves Saint Laurent.[2]

The American company wants to use trademark registration for Rive Gauche.

The mark consists of letters:

And includes the following goods and services: “Precious metals and their alloys; works of art of precious metal; jewelry, including costume jewelry, of precious metals; jewelry of alloys and plated, namely, rings, earrings, cuff links, bracelets, brooches, pendants, charms, jewelry chains and watch chains, necklaces, medals, and medallions; semi-precious stones and precious stones; horological and chronometric instruments, watches, watch bands and watch cases; key rings of precious metals, of alloys or plated; presentation cases for watches; cases for clock making and watchmaking; jewelry cases and jewelry caskets”. [3]


Left: Saint Laurent Rive Gauche/ Right: Rive Gauche Jewelry

Based on common law and trademark rights, Rive Gauche Jewelry alleges that Rive Gauche is the symbolic association between the company and its goods and services and it “has gained a valuable reputation for its marks within a short time, which have become distinctive of and associated in the minds of the trade and purchasing public with River Gauche Jewelry as a provider of beautiful jewelry.”[4] 

However, in 1966, Yves Saint Laurent opened the Saint Laurent Rive Gauche boutique and created the first prêt-à-porter collection called Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. Thus, the legal counsel of the Swiss company considers that “LGI is the senior user of the Rive Gauche mark”[5]. According to Kim Ross (The Style of the Case): “ LGI’s sets out affirmative defenses including LGI use of the Rive Gauche mark since 1966, its federally registered trademarks for Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, Rive Gauche, collectively known as the Rive Gauche marks and that RGJ adopted its mark decades after LGI and it has no priority.” [6]


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