By Lígia Carvalho Abreu

The Principle of Human Dignity

  • Always ask yourself: who made the clothes that you are interested in.
  • Always prefer brands which respect human rights.

The Principle of Promoting Freedom of Cultural Creation, Cultural Development, Freedom of Expression and Artistic Creativity 

  • Whenever possible invest in a piece made by a young talented designer. Creativity and style are more important than the fashion brand logo.
  • Promote cultural development, freedom of expression and artistic creativity through fashion design.  

The Principle of Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

  • Do not buy counterfeited fashion products. Remember counterfeiting is illegal and it is often related to human rights abuse. When you buy a counterfeited product you are disrespecting the intellectual property rights of the brand you admire.

The Principle of Promoting Sustainable and Ethical Economies

  • Support your national fashion industry, which is unique and is produced in an ethical and sustainable way. 
  • Whenever possible have your clothes made by a local tailor or dressmaker. Avoid fast fashion. Make clothes last forever or at least a couple of years.
  • Always ask yourself which materials and processes are used to make the clothes that you are interested in.
  • Do not buy clothes made from protected and endangered species or products that are produced from an animal’s suffering.
  • Always prefer brands committed to sustainable development.
  • Whenever possible buy from a good vintage shop, wear and reinvent your family fashion treasures that you can always combine with contemporary pieces. Remember: an iconic style is not made by seasonal trends but with personality.
  • Always prefer ecological and fairmined precious metals and gemstones.


Illustration: Sewing Fundamental Rights by Catarina Pinto