Bottega Veneta is an Italian brand specialising in luxury clothes and leather accessories, such as hand bags, shoes, jewellery or eyewear. Founded by Michele Taddei in 1966 and documented in a short film made by Andy Warhol in the 80’s, the brand remains faithful to its original identity: it highlights a unique pattern made by artisanal techniques rather than a logo. The leather-weaving technique called Intrecciato and the Knot are some of the examples of the uniqueness or singularity of this Italian brand. The article «Intellectual Property Protection on the Intrecciato and the Knot Designed by Bottega Veneta» aims to analyse case law and the legal doctrine about intellectual property rights’ protection over a technique and unique pattern against design piracy.

Homage to Bottega Veneta III. Platinum Metal Grid Knot Clutch Bag designed by Bottega Veneta Illustration by Catarina Pinto and Lígia Carvalho Abreu