The SILENT REVOLUTION of TM Collection: When Clothes give us a feeling of peace 

We reproduce here the text of Teresa Martins from TM Collection about Silent Revolution Collection (Spring/Summer 2018) because clothes made with natural elements and made by the hands of people from simple and serenity cultures from India and Nepal, with the respect of the rights and talent of these workers can give us a feeling of peace.   

 Silent Revolution Collection (Spring/Summer 2018) 

In the inner life there is only one kind of revolution and it is a silent one. We live in a world where peace and harmony are still an utopia. An urgent revolution is needed to overcome this reality. Not a loud but a silent one, awakening our consciousness towards the universe, the others and ourselves. The clothes inspired on tradition and nature, reflect the aesthetic and believes of TM Collection: strong cottons embrace delicate ones, play with slippery silks, touch crispy linens in a symphony of warm and profound colours, embellished with sweet laces and flower patterns, a symbol of passive resistance and non-violence ideology. 

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